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5 ago. 2016

Influenster - Polo Blue VoxBox

Hello everyone.
Today I want to talk about a group, called Influenster.
I join to it page to test some products a few weeks ago, and first we receive (my boyfriend and I) was a sample of the Polo Eau de Parfum of Ralph Lauren FOR FREE. Yes, you all read right, free (for tasting purposes).

The sample arrive by normal mail, and he tried it that night.
I really don't know if it is a gift for him or for me, because I just love it. He smell like a god for me, and well, what happen next that night is another story...

The size of the sample, at the beggining I think it was normal, a small bottle. But actually it was full of liquid, almos 0.5 oz, what made it perfect for my boyfriend, because he travel a lot.

So, thank yooou very much Influenster. I hope we can continue testing more of your products.

If you want to try it, please don`t doubt to write me.